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Drinking and health
Suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabet……【more】
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Tang Hexian iron flag industry11-28
Tang Hexian iron flag industry11-28
    Tang Hexian iron flag industry co., LTD . Is located in the city of henan province nanyang Tang Hexian source pond town source pages, its predecessor is the town of brewery Tang Hexian source pool. Company building area of 1860 square meters, existing staff 268 people, including 3 senior technicians 10 people, the bartender, tasters 3 people. Company produces iron flag evaporate wine has a long history, yongzheng nine years (1732), shanxi merchants to raise money to build guandi temple, which is also called ShanShan hall. 7 years of qianlong (1743) rebuilt. 45 years of qianlong (1780), shanxi merchants raised in guandi temple front two tree by shanxi Seoul county artisans cast iron pole. After Tang Hexian source pool town built breweries……【See more】
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Tang Hexian iron flag industry co., LTD
Telephone: 0377-68432322
Address: Tang Hexian source Gotham source pages
Zip code: 473003